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Interpreting genomic variants just got more fun
Persida’s Genome Analyzer is the only diagnostic grade genome visualization, annotation and interpretation tool at your service for free!
Utilize the most reliable annotation sources
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Transcript level visualization of cDNA and gDNA
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The Genome Analyzer
Making the promise of personalized medicine a reality
The GA consolidates genomic information from various reliable curated sources and prediction algorithms under one platform offering core annotations from databases such as the NCBI, EBI, UCSC, and provides functional impact of variants assessed with relevant prediction tools ideal for clinical diagnostics, reporting and genomic research.​ Some of the analyses that GA supports are listed below:
Paternity and genealogy
Rare Disease
Confirm monogenic disorder
Transcription regulation patterns
Differential analysis
Precision Medicine
Psychotropic testing
HLA typing
Primary tumor profiling
Tumor heterogeneity
Transcript analysis
Get the functionality of tools like Alamut Visual or Alamut Genova, and more for FREE.
Take charge of how and what you want to visualize, and customize your profile to fit
your analysis needs.
The breakthrough FREE genome analysis tool intended to serve you.
No costly software licenses or infrastructure expenses.
Pass through licensing for commercial annotation sources.
Secure web-based visualization of your genomics files on your own device, no sensitive
file transfers between client and server applications.
Fast technical support on-demand.
Get informed via email of annotation updates.
Experience variant annotation in greater detail with ease

Visualize amino acids normalized according to their protein, cDNA and gDNA positions

Visualize amino acid conversation scores cDNA, gDNA and protein position normalized

Visualization of splicing predictions

Visualize protein domains

Search for annotations by genes, transcripts or genomic position

Retrieve a tabular annotation report for you variant(s) on demand

Key Features
Get the most from your GA experience
BAM, CRAM, VCF, BED, BEDGRAPH file support
Private data management - securely visualize files stored
locally on your computer
Visualize publicly stored files on other servers or on AWS S3
Gene (gDNA) and Transcript (cDNA) level annotation support
Add simulated variants and analyze downstream variant
effects in both gDNA and cDNA
Built-in OVA functionality (On-demand Variant Annotation)
Splicing and misense predictions
Re-order and save your track configuration
Standalone version of GA available soon
GA can be integrated into your web-application
Nucleotide conservation
Reference transcripts
dbSNP, gnomAD, ESP/EVS variants
HGVD - Human Genetic Variation Database
ClinVar pathogenic variants
COSMIC variants
Functional protein domains
Protein secondary strcutures
Orthologous alignments

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